Noé Girerd

International project manager

I am an international project manager based in France. I have 5+ years experience in graphic design, digital communication & video production. Graduated from a project management Master degree, I am specialized in media productions, digital solutions & communication strategy. I have a multi-domain, creative and international profile.



This number is also a representation of my professional growth and my multiple expertise due to the wide variety of projects I worked on !

Artistic director

Artistic direction, concept writing and production technics

Video producer

Video production & Communication strategist


Reflection, needs analysis, planning, budget monitoring and suppliers management

Few Domains I Can Easily Focus On!

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Audivisual Production

Pictures and videos are nice tools for a great communication, what’s best than a window to dream?


Because every project has to be stired up there is a need to build an efficient campaign.

Digital communication

Social media are crucial allies for any operation in these days of instant communications.

Web development

We live in a web of ideas who needs to be raised on the internet, what else than great online tools to work together

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